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About userMED

The purpose of userMED is to enable you to share your experience of a particular drug or treatment. There is so much firsthand knowledge that rarely or ever gets passed on from patient to patient. By sharing your experience, you make it easier for someone else who is just starting to use that drug or treatment. It could be simple things; an ointment leaves stains, a certain pill is easier to swallow mixed in oatmeal, or more serious information about potentially harmful side effects.

It is always reassuring to talk with someone that shares your experiences. At userMED you can do just that, by sharing and taking part in others' experiences. Once you're out of the doctor's office, you're generally alone with your meds. At userMED you can freely partake in the reviews and recommendations without having to tell the world what medication you are taking. Our hope is that userMED will become a relevant and trusted place for your most personal experiences with drugs and treatments. And once again, the shared stories at userMED should never replace a professional medical consultation.

The userMED Team